Buying the trailer

Buying & starting work on the Tin type Trailer-


On my first visit to the Forge, my mind was made up. The crazy idea to buy a horse trailer and convert it into a darkroom and studio space, so I can make Wet Pate Collodion portraits on the road,  was actually going to happen. I have been lucky enough to have lots of darkroom equipment donated to me by various members of the Manchester Locomotive Society. So thank you Ronnie, Eddie and Allan, who have always had a passion for darkroom photography due its continuing correlation with the train enthusiast society.


First stage of the project- Locating a horse trailer was very easy and lucky for me the very kind farmer Luke only lived half an hour’s drive from the Forge. My fist drive with it attached was exciting and problem free; until we have to reverse it into its new home… it turns out pushing it works just as well.

(Pic 1)


Second stage- Working on a plan and beginning the conversion.




With the trailer in it’s place for the summers conversion, surrounded by beautiful bluebells, buzzing bees and pecking woodpeckers, it was time to start planning.  It is important to make sure that I utilise the space I have, allowing the process to run as smoothly as possible when I am working with the public at events.


(pics 3)


Here are some images of the inside of the trailer in progress… so far I have ripped out the inside of the horse trailer, leaving me just the shell to begin working on.

IMG_1701 IMG_1702IMG_1704

The next stage was to insulate and panel the two sides, ensuring that the trailer will be a pleasant place to work all year round, whilst giving it a wagon like ascetic.



Then to begin making the sink unit, which I have decided to make from an old tea chest, which happens to perfectly fit my jerry cans in for water and waste.