“Probably the most intriguing and mad set up we have had at the camera club of late. Having your picture taken with a camera from the 1870’s and processed on a thin plate of tin with a multitude of authentic chemicals of the era will take some beating. It was indeed a most enjoyable experience by common consent, just thank goodness things have moved on a bit since then. Michele & Alex from Tin Type Trailer were really good folk to have at the club and gave us a wonderful insight into their passion for an aspect of the photographic processes of yesteryear. Great stuff” -Conor, Macclesfield Camera club.

“Absolutely delighted you were able to squeeze us in for a portrait today. Thank you so very much, we love it! Hope to see you next year. “- Beth Claughton-Brown, 23 August 2015
 “Thank you for our family portrait. It is our prized possession x”- Heather Skowood, 19th June 2015, Lost Carnival.
“All back to front, flipped upside down, captured, developed and caught on tin plate.
Magic, tinplate, time travel and science.
Thank you Tin Type Trailer for our wonderful memory.” – 
Jez Mansfield Magician. 22nd september 2015, Ramsbottom Festival.