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Tin Type Trailer Touring:

You can find us at the follow events & locations, where you can come and have your photograph taken and produced in under 1 hour. Or alternatively you can book us for your own private events, weddings birthdays, christenings etc..  Bookings can be made here.


2019 News




We are currently in the process of producing a new show with story teller and Victorian extraordinaire… Dieter Wadeson from Tinderbox Creations.

Click Here for more on what Dieter offers.


“A brand new exciting project;  the Tin Type Trailer (Michele & Alex) run an amazing mobile Victorian photo dark-room for folks to have their pics taken on tin plate. It’s like going back in time. We hooked up at Just So Festival last year and tried out something new and it was a brilliant success. I’ve developed this side show which is all about the evolution of flash photography running through early magnesium ribbon to flash powder (big bright flash and puff of smoke) and ending with a 6ft long barking dog (link of a video on that). It’s fairly exciting and gathers a nice crowd.

We dress some folks up in Victorian garb, possibly a bit of cross dressing for comedy effect (they bring a whole wardrobe of fancy dress for folks to look all proper ancient in the pics)and then
Alex describes in thespian style the wet-plate collodion process which is about to happen. Once the photo is taken, the wet tin plate is rushed into their dark-room trailer and is then brought out for the final stage of development where folks gather round to watch it transform from a negative into a positive within a few seconds. It’s pretty amazing really.” Professor Pumpernickel, AKA Dieter Wadeson.



Previous events

-Rudyard Lake- Staffordshire

-Photo-booth Convention- Fred Aldous- For more information Click Here)

-Lost Carnival

-Envirolution- Platt Fields Park

Looking for cyclists to come & pose with their bicycles as part of an exhibition, in association with North West Velo Fest.

-La Lune- Barnaby, Macclesfield

-Retro Rendezvous Vintage Market, Sportive Lake

-Underneath the Stars

-Just So Festival

-Burnley Canal Festival, Sandygate Square

-End of the Road

-Crafty Elephant at Butcher Works, Sheffield

-Burlesque Noir, Tower Ballroom

-Whitby Goth Weekend

-Macclesfield Camera Club- Talk, Macc Library

-Winter Droving, Penrith-

-Haworth Steampunk Weekend

-Dickensian Festival, Ulverston

-Burlesque Noir, Sheffield City hall

-Timber Festival.