Guest Lecturer at Macclesfield Camera Club


Last Monday, November the 7th 2016, myself and Alex were invited to the Macclesfield Camera Club at Macclesfield library. I have to be honest I was a little nervous about speaking to a group of photographers and camera enthusiasts, especially in a lecture theatre. My nerves were soon gone when the club members began to turn up 20 minutes early, showing a real excitement, as we continued to set up our studio and inside darkroom.

Over the last few months we been invited to work at all kinds of evening and indoor events as well as the summer festivals that we attend with the trailer. This has been a great time for us to develop our set up, which we feel is working fantastically. Please see


The evening was a huge success, we began the evening with a quick intro to Wet Plate Collodion, followed by a demonstration of making a tin type, we then finished with some group photos and lots of sharing of ideas and knowledge.


We would like to thank Kevin Blake, Programme Secretary, Macclesfield Camera Club and all the members for having us, we look forward to visiting again.

“Probably the most intriguing and mad set up we have had at the camera club of late. Having your picture taken with a camera from the 1870’s and processed on a thin plate of tin with a multitude of authentic chemicals of the era will take some beating. It was indeed a most enjoyable experience by common consent, just thank goodness things have moved on a bit since then. Michele & Alex from Tin Type Trailer were really good folk to have at the club and gave us a wonderful insight into their passion for an aspect of the photographic processes of yesteryear. Great stuff.” Conor, President and Member of Macclesfield Camera club.

Michele and Alex came to demonstrate TinType Photography To The Macclesfield Camera Club What an excellent experience it was. Michele and Alex Went through the process of TinType Photography step by step which resulted in an excellent photograph at the end of the evening. Michele and Alex are a very kind and professional couple and I would highly recommend this experience because it has something for everyone. ” Sam Barker, Member of Macclesfield Camera Club.


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